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Phi Phi 2 is a fully licensed bar and grill restaurant located in the heart of St. Albans.
In the evening Phi Phi 2 transforms in to a unique smokey sizzling dine-in extravaganza, bringing forth the vast aroma of our beautifully marinated dishes leaving you wanting more!
  • I just had an amazing dinner with friends and I have to say it was an amazing experience. The food was excellent and the customer service was spectacular. Our waiter, I believe his name was Nathan, was superb. He made us feel at home and catered to our every need. I would recommend this to all my family and friends ! 11/10
    Long Nguyen
  • What an amazing Restaurant and amazing Service! Food was fresh, and soo yummy! Well done guys!
    Lucinda DeBrincat Teuma
  • Great atmosphere, beautiful quality meals and gorgeous chef. Very very happy will definitely be back.
    Gulapka Dimcevska
  • Just came in for a dinner here and was so impressed by the quality of food and staff, food was exceptional and the staff themselves were friendly and very helpful. Our waiter, Nathan is what I think his name was, was phenomenal and made our experience all the more enjoyable! Would highly recommend giving this place a shot to all my friends & family.  
    Chris Razmovski
  • Here's my take on pp2, "like the dessert miss the rain" phi phi 2, the long wait is now over :) you have bursted my bubble and I am left in awe and complete satisfaction! @_@ Most of us did not know what to expect and wanted to see what the hype was all about! In all honesty, pp2, you guys have truly exceeded our/my expectation, especially being located in St.Albans (no offense) but you have lived up to what you set out to achieve, bringing forth a place like no other in this side of town!
    We were happily greeted by pp2 staffs as we reached the top of the stairs, we had made reservations for the evening so seating was quick and no hassle waiting around. We were presented some pretty cool menus to browse through both their dinner+drink menus (easy to understand and navigate) We ordered a few entrees to start with, I suggest and highly recommend their "CRISPY TIGER PRAWNS & SEXY OYSTERS DRENCED IN SUPER THAI SAUCE" (it's not really called that, but that's how it tasted to me! lol) please don't take my word for it, try it for yourselves and make your own verdict! We then ordered a Variety of meats, seafood & veggies for our BBQ grill. The sides came out first followed by 3 magical sauces (which i still don't know the name of) WOW! especially the "Green sauce" there is an essence of tang and sweetness... it will keep you pondering and guessing their secret ingredients, well done on the sauce guys! (we couldn't get enough of this, a reload is a must! trust me) The hot grill came out short after our drinks arrived, the food was professionally prepared and served by their friendly staffs (Ron & Nathan) everything came out in a very good and timely manner, it's although they knew exactly when we were ready ^^ Overall, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their experience @ pp2. We will definitely be back to try out their other dishes. This is definitely a must try for everyone who's reading this and yet to try. It's not just for youngies, i'd even recommend my oldies to try this place out! In finishing my review, PP2 your services and promptness is exceptional high! Your staff are very friendly and professional! Your overall design and attention to detail, of the interior and exterior is very, very well thought out. Congratulations on your opening pp2, we will see you again very soon
    Jeremy Winston
  • Just finished dinner at this amazing restaurant! As soon as you walk in the door the atmosphere takes your breathe away. Stylish decor and fancy little booths make your dining experience unforgettable, definitely feels like a fancy city dining experience. The staff are on the ball and go above and beyond to make sure you're taken care of. Our waiter Michael was brilliant full of smiles and conversation something you don't experience very often. As for the food WOW! Highly recommend the banquets and the dessert was to die for. Thanks for a fantastic night we will definitely be back very soon. Good luck and congratulations on a fantastic business in the west!
    Jess Cimino Cremona
  • Came in for lunch, the staff were lovely and friendly, great customer service feel very welcomed when you step into the restaurant. On the lunch menu we order the salmon steak, salmon sack and the duck risotto and it was AMAZING! The dish was full of flavours and well presented. Would totally recommend and definitely come back, had a really awesome experience can't really say anything bad about this experience, only good words. Keep up the good work guys! 5 stars worthy :)
    Lini Nguyen
  • Just home from a great night out. This will be a game changer in St. Albans. The decor, atmosphere, food, cocktails, staff, ambience are worlds apart from anything in the 'burbs. Extensive cocktail & dessert menu, knowledgeable & helpful staff, a real social meal around the bbq with intimate booth seating. Will be back again & again. Well done to all involved.
    Margaret Anderson
  • The service was incredible. Food was great, dessert is a must. So glad there is a place like this in the west.
    Anna Ha
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